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Messages from our Sport Stars ...



Graham Eadie
Ambassador for Rugby League

Message from Graham:
Passing on skills for life to the youth.
Using rugby league as a platform and area of "common ground" with the youth, the sport stars will nurture and guide young players towards becoming admired and respected individuals in their local communities. 

By working with the youth, the sport stars will become mentors who share valuable knowledge of skills, fitness and values for life which will guide the younger generation towards wholesome decision-making and career choices.

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Phil Sigsworth 
Rugby League Legend

Message from Phil:
Strengthening Our Communities
The Skills for Life
 Community-based Program (The Program) aims to support the ongoing development of youth in Australia via skills assessment, introduction to sport pathways, interaction with former rugby league players and social guidance. Such support is a responsibility shared by former players, parents, coaches, school staff, club officials, government departments and the students themselves.
The Program will take responsibility for bringing all abovementioned individuals and groups together to openly discuss concepts and strategies that will nurture the development of young people and equip them with skills for life.

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Alyce Bennett
Ambassador for Surf Life Saving

Message from Alyce:
Don't be afraid of failure.

There are invaluable lessons that can only be learned by making mistakes and things not working out - it reveals what you have to change to do better next time and reach your goals. Self-doubt and fear of failure should not be reasons for not trying. I love this quote from Paulo Coelho: "Face your path with courage, don't' be scared of people's criticism. And, above all, don't let yourself get paralyzed by your own criticism."
This is particularly important for both participating in sport, and also planning a future career. There is so much you can gain just from being involved in sport- even if you're not "winning". Sport helps broaden your social and professional network and provides an opportunity to identify and develop your personal strengths and weaknesses, which carries over to other parts of your life, including your career.

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Steve Martin
Coach and Player Manager

Message from Steve:
Prepare for your future.

Always do your best. Be Enthusiastic. Be Competitive. Be Persistent. Be Ready.
Preparation prevents poor performance.

“Skills play a huge part in the success of a winning team. Developing skills at an early stage will give the player more confidence and enjoyment while participating in team sports.” 

“ Learning and developing your skills when you are young will not only keep you fit but will allow you to achieve more in the game.”

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